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Has your business changed this past year?
If so, what updates can we help you with?

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A Few Questions To Answer So Your Website is Fresh & Up-To-Date!

This form may not be pretty but it’s necessary for us to make sure your website has all of the right content. Please just take a few minutes to fill this out. Thank you!

Has your business changed this past year? Did you change your office location? Have you picked up an additional product line or do you now offer a new service to your customers? Would you like to add a page showcasing your “team” or the fact that you are a chamber member or assist your local non-profit community? Please answer the questions below so that we can ensure your site has all of your latest information and offerings! If you don’t see something below, please simply write us a note in the comments box at the end of the form.

If you’d like to have a screen share with us to see what’s new or what some other dealers are doing, please let us know.

The form may look long but it should only take 5-10 minutes to fill out. It’s worth a few minutes to your dealership!

Contact Information
Company Information
We'd like to add a graphic to showcase your experience!
We'll add the corresponding logo, a paragraph or a page if you'd like.
OFFICE PHONE # To Be Listed On Your Website.
Maybe you have different domains like: DocumentSolutionsNewYork.com & DocSolNYC.com - OR - different extensions like: CopierCompany.com & CopierCompany.biz
Even if you are "just using an address for email" you should point it to your website. We need this information to ensure proper set-up and functionality. Thank you!
Do you have a "tagline" that you associate with your company or logo? If not, that's ok. We usually add a default like: Your Local Authorized Technology Partner!
Website Content Information
It's recommended that you have a "general email" that mobile viewers can quickly click on to send you an email vs. filling out a form while using a mobile device.
We usually put this email on your contact page and in your footer. Common examples would be: contact@ info@ sales@ hello@
***This is different from the emails that will receive your forms - the email that each form is sent is not visible.***
We strongly recommend that you avoid having all "stock business photos" on your site.
Many dealers will add photos of their building, showroom, a photo of someone next to a machine, a group or individual team photos, company vehicle, charity event, etc.
We are happy to photos and information to your site any time for no cost! If you do not have these available to send right now, let us know and you can send them at a later date.
Please send photos to: update@DealerSiteBuilder.com
We'd love to add a "community involvement" page for you. It can be a difference maker if a potential client is comparing you to a competitor!
We just had a dealer tell us that a local church bought a machine before ever meeting them in person! This was because they liked what they saw online!
IDEA TO HELP: Visit: www.dealersitebuilder.com/community-involvement-suggestions/
We'd love to add a page about your local chamber involvement.
Potential clients who may not know you yet will get to learn more about your company.
We'd love to add a page about your local chamber involvement.
Again, this helps your potential clients who may not know you yet learn more about your company.
What product catalogs (with Brochures, etc.) do you want to be showcased on your site? Please check all that apply below.
All of the main product lines have full catalogs. Sometimes we will add a nice page with content including brochures and videos for something like Water Systems, VOIP Business Phones or Office Furniture.
What product line do you "lead" with? We need to know so we can "lean" your site that way with additional content from that manufacturer, such as: Managed Print Services, Go Green, Industry Solutions, etc.
We will also add custom home slides, custom images on your customer center page and corresponding pages.
What manufacturer logos do want displayed on your site? These logos usually move across your home page. (check all that apply)
Sometimes a dealer will list a product they do not have a catalog for because they previously sold that brand and still support machines in the field.
We also have a "Technology Partners" page where we have a "technology partner's" logo a description.
We have MANY other logos, please let us know if you need one that we don't have listed here. We can add another from our files or create a new one if it's important to you!
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