Community Involvement - Email Sample
This is just a thought starter for you. Hopefully, it helps speed up the process.

(We know you are busy and thought this may help get the ball rolling faster for you. Obviously, feel free to edit it or add how many years you have been in the community, etc. Whatever works for you – every dealer is different! Sample below – cut and paste into word or an email!)

Hello –

We understand that many non-profits struggle to fund their various programs each year. Unfortunately, this often means they are forced to cut costs wherever they can.  After working for years with many local non-profit organizations, we have found that they are not able to do the work they’d like to. One roadblock has been the high costs of outsourcing their color printing jobs.  Well, since that is within our industry, we’d like to help. (XYZ Document Solutions) is your Local Authorized (BRAND) Technology Partner. We’d like to donate (1,000) color copies or prints to your organization. If you have a flyer or another type of print job that you’d like us to print, please email your file to us at: ( Please include brief instructions if needed. We will print your job in full color and drop it off at your office, all at no cost to you. We appreciate what you do in our community and we are happy we can help in some way.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

(Dealership Name)

(Web Address)