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Toshiba Connection:
The marketing team at Toshiba approached the Dealer Site Builder team when they were a Platinum Sponsor at Itex. They liked what they saw and Dealer Site Builder became one of only a handful of Toshiba Co-op Preferred Vendors. This partnership lasted about 10 years until Toshiba sadly discontinued their co-op program. Well, we never stopped supporting Toshiba dealers. In fact, we partner with Toshiba dealers all over the US and Canada.

Dealer Site Builder was started (over 23 years ago) by David Zandri, who owned a dealership in Massachusetts. With this background and the fact that we only work with dealers in your industry, we know your business. This means that you don’t have to explain to us what a meter read or e-info is – we know! You don’t have to explain every little detail to us like you would have to with a local website developer. Our knowledge allows you to keep running your business while we setup and manage your website. We support dealers with 2 employees and dealers with 250+ employees.

Dealer Site Builder is a BTA Vendor Member    CLICK HERE to SEE
and also an IBPI Preferred Vendor CLICK HERE to SEE

Please check out a couple sites we did for Toshiba dealers below.

Please look at the sections under “Products and Solutions” to see all of the Toshiba content. This material can be quickly customized for your dealership. We know that most dealers are multi-brand dealers. No problem, we can add all of your non-Toshiba products and services as well.

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