Don't send your viewers to the manufacturer's website & dealer locator!

Why are product catalogs on your website so important?
The only dealers who tell you that product catalogs aren't important are the ones who don't have them on their website!

Dealer Locator:

Your client and his/her partner finally have a few minutes to review your proposal. During their discussion, a few questions came up. They need answers but it’s 7 p.m. and your office is closed. Does the proposed mfp print on heavyweight paper? Can they add apps to the device. They own a law firm and would like to know about the device’s security features.

A decision is needed asap and both have a full schedule tomorrow. This means that they can’t wait to try to connect with you throughout the day. First, they’ll go to your website for these answers. After some clicking and searching, they will discover that you don’t have much product information on your website. No brochures, no spec sheets and no videos. After being a bit frustrated with all the searching, they’ll now go to the manufacturer’s website. After more searching, they find the information they have been looking for.

Unfortunately, while visiting your manufacturer’s website, it’s a bit hard not to notice a “Where to Buy” button on every product page and in the top navigation. When they hit “Where to Buy” it takes them to a page with a list of all of the local dealers who are also selling this product. This is a list of your competitors! Along with the local authorized dealers there could be direct sales locations as well. UGH, what a mess you have now. The partners start to look at this list of authorized dealers and do find another dealer that catches their eye. This dealer has a “better” website so they both decide to contact them for an additional quote. Even worse, they may decide to contact a few dealers to compare pricing.

Some dealers actually redirect their viewers to their manufacturer’s website for product information!
Stop losing your viewers by forcing them to visit other websites. Many times they won’t come back!

Sharp Dealer Locator Example
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Google Search:

If your potential client doesn’t go to your manufacturer’s site, they will for sure “Google” product information.
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Product Catalogs on YOUR Website:

Another misconception is that a dealer’s IT person will keep their website updated. They may be able to at first. Then, your manufacturer launches 10-20 new devices which need to be added asap. Bad timing because your IT support is in the middle of a huge install with no end in sight. Now, your website doesn’t have the new products or information. Your sales reps are linking potential clients to your manufacturer’s website.
Here we go again!
Focus on what you do best and let DealerSiteBuilder do what we do best!
  • We’ll add all of your product catalogs to your current website. This includes 35+ different product lines.
  • DealerSiteBuilder will customize your new product section so it “syncs” with the look and feel of your existing website. This includes your company logo and colors and branding.
  • We’ll customize the product lines just for you. So, if you don’t sell production or wide format, it’s not there!
  • Products are automatically updates as launched or retired.
  • All products and product brochures are “on your website” and do not link to another site. (very important)
  • All pages have a unique url or web address and are “indexed” by Google for SEO. This also means you can send clients or potential clients a link to a specific product, brochure or product category.
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Sample of a "Product Catalogs HomePage"
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Great Looking & Easy to Navigate:

Having ALL the current product information on your site means that viewers never have to leave your site. It’s time to stop losing your viewers!
  • As you can see below, we will build your product section to match the colors of your current website. In this sample, the red really “pops” to showcase the various product sections. It also ties in with the red in their company logo.
  • They offer the full line of Sharp products so all of the categories are showing. They also offer Kodak Alaris Scanners and Dynabook Laptops which have their own information as well. (see image above)
  • Once a view clicks the category that they want, like “Full Size  Color”, they then can view all of the products in that category by simply scrolling down and seeing everything on one page. The product information “blurbs” help them get a quick understanding of the machine (speeds and feeds, etc.) so they can click only on the product they are interested in. Some sites simply list product model #’s and you have to keep clicking on different #’s, then open the pdf’s only to discover it’s not what you were looking for. This can be very frustrating. Your new product section is very easy to navigate and provides a wealth of information for your viewer.
  • Viewers can easily open and view a pdf of the product brochure. It will open in the body of your site with your logo at the top. They can also download the brochure.
  • If a brochure is not enough, viewers can watch a video on the product.
  • When they want more information or are ready to buy, they can request a quote. This form goes directly to you and the information is not shared at all.
  • We can set up other options as well. Some dealers like to add the ability to download drivers. Others like a “buy it now” button to direct viewers to a shopping cart. 
Sample of a "Sharp Products Home Page"
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Sample of "Sharp Full Size Color Category Page"
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Options Within YOUR Product Section
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Additional Product Catalogs:

We’ve been partnering with dealers for over 26 years so we have over 35 different product catalogs for this industry. Please see just a few below. Call us today (913-717-4995) to discuss the product “mix” you need and we can do a screen share demonstration.

Sample of a "Kodak Scanners Home Page"
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Sample of "Quadient Products Home Page"
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Sample of a "Wellsys Water Home Page"
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