Adapting to the new way of business.
Your website is now more important than ever to help reach potential new customers and to retain current customers.

Dealer Spotlight: Corporate Business Systems, Madison, WI

Corporate Business Systems has been in Madison, WI for 22 years. Over that time, they have manged to build an impressive dealership. They are known for their award-winning products, impeccable customer service and for their involvement with non-profit organizations in their community.  CBS has also been recognized nationally, having won the prestigious ENX Elite Dealer Award for the past 5 years in a row!

While Corporate Business Systems knows what it takes to be successful, recent changes with COVID have forced CBS to adapt to a new way of doing business. Many end-users simply do not want people in their office right now. This means their sales team is using their website more than ever as an important sales and customer service tool.

Potential Customers will be finding you through your manufacturer's dealer locator or through a Google search.
It's important that you are there to greet them when they come looking! Introduce yourself and showcase your company as well as your products and services.

Showcase your territory on your home slide show.
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Showcase your products and Services.

Your viewers want to learn more about you so they can be comfortable doing business with you.

Continue your great customer service online!

Your "customer center" will allow your customers to quickly find what they need.
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Showcase your products and services.
If you don't have the full product catalogs on your website, it's simple, you'll lose your viewers. They'll go to Google and find someone who does have the product information. Or, they'll go to your manufacturer's site and before they leave, they'll hit "dealer locator" and soon be calling another dealer!
Don't lose your viewers - keep them on your website!

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It's important that your website is ready as businesses open back up in your state.
If it's not where you want it to be - call us - we can help! We know your business so we can get your full-featured site live in just a week.

Did you just spend a fortune with a local company on a new website? (sorry!) Is your site nice but missing all of the product information or worse - are you sending people to your manufacturer's site for information? We can help you too! We'll add the full product catalogs to your site and manage them for you all-year-long.

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