Our Services

Complete Website Management

While we are known for our digital mastery, assisting hundreds of dealers with their online marketing, we actually do so much more.

Up-To-Date Product Catalogs

Need we say more? Many dealers have flimsy websites that link their viewers over to the manufacturer’s site when it comes time for product information. This is the worst thing that you can do! Are you making this mistake? Now, while viewing products on the manufacturer’s site, your viewer hits the “find a dealer” link! Congratulations – you just lost that viewer because they are now calling another dealer listed on the locator. They decided to call that dealer because they clicked on their contact information and noticed that they have a better website than you! We can’t stress enough about how important having the full product catalogs on your website. I know it’s a lot of work. Some dealers think their IT person will update the products. Another wrong answer! It never happens. Let your IT professional do what they do best and generate billable hours for your dealership! Leave the heavy lifting to us. We’ll update all of your product catalogs as the products are launched from the manufacturer. You’ll have nicely laid out sections which are easy to navigate, such as “Color Multifunction Products” with great graphics, the product name and number, a nice, clear image of the product along with information bullets. Your viewer can then click a brochure graphic to quickly download the product’s full-color brochure. When your viewer likes what they see, they can click “Request a Quote” to submit some of their information and start the sales process!

Homepage Designs

We see many websites that look outdated and many that look so similar in this industry. Stand out from your competitors! Why not have your site open with a beautiful picture of your city while saying “Welcome to XYZ Business Solutions – Your Local Authorized ABC Dealer”. The next slide can showcase one of your product offerings or an open career listing. You’ll have completed admin access to your website so you can easily login and select the homepage slides that you‘d like to display. We have folders for each manufacturer and also general folders for general slides. You can also easily create a slide on your own, if you choose to.  These slides may be for Holidays like Happy 4th of July, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays, etc. There are folders for sporting events so you can pop up a football slide in time for the Super Bowl or a basketball slide for the NBA playoffs. More folders aren’t product specific and talk about Document Management or Device Security. We are happy to make slides for you for other sides of your business, for an upcoming open house or event or anything else you may want to showcase.

Online Customer Service & Support

You’ve worked hard for many years, doing the right things to get your good name. Your dealership is known for providing excellent customer service. It’s important to extend your good name and excellent customer service to your online presence as well! Since we know your business needs, we have any customer form you can think of. Of course your customers can click – about us or request a quote. How about enter a meter read, request a service call or request or order supplies? These requests will now come directly to you 24/7. If you are using a service like e-automate, we can have these links or buttons go right to your e-info login if you prefer. Why not try the “Register to WIN” form? While out prospecting, sales reps can say hello and introduce themselves and tell the potential client to visit your website to register to win a $ 100 Best Buy Card. (or anything you’d like.) Now, this unknown company goes online, sees your great website and fills in all of their company’s information as well as their competitive equipment data. Wouldn’t you like to receive their machine make and model, monthly clicks, lease end date, equipment contact person, etc.? That’s a rhetorical question! We have company surveys that are a great to email a new client after a new machine training to see how you did. Or, service surveys that are great after a service call or really anytime all year to ensure your techs are doing their best to make your clients happy. Open house or event registration forms – the list goes on and on. If you prefer, we can make a custom form or survey for your needs.

Unlimited Custom Content

There is no limit to what can be added to your website. Custom content, specials, community involvement, company awards, customer testimonials, team pictures or pages, videos, etc etc. Are you getting excited? Call us today and we’ll have your site LIVE in just a few days! (913) 717-4995 ext. 10

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

We use powerful SEO tools behind-the-scenes that you have access to. We’d recommend that you first simply login and tweak your SEO. For many of our dealers, this is enough to get them right up there on a Google search. We’ll also be adding some items for you and helping to position you. If you still feel like that is not enough or you are in an area like Miami or NYC, you probably have to do a bit more work or pay a bit for search. We can do this for you or you may certainly use a local person if you prefer – it’s up to you. 


We include Google Analytics for your website for FREE! This is a powerful tool to take advantage of. See how much traffic is going to your site. See exactly where they viewers are going. To your about us section and then to your product catalogs. Perhaps, you have spent a lot for online job recruitment. We’ll let’s see if all of that money is directing potential applicants to your site and to your career section. You can see where your site visitors are coming form – Google, your manufacturer’s dealer locator, your chamber’s website or from any other source. You can’t can’t manage it if you can’t measure it. We’ll help you along with Google Analytics to measure it!

Direct Marketing Services

Of course we can help you with your email marketing campaigns but did you know that we also provide direct mail marketing? Traditional marketing does still work. Are you looking for custom flyer or a postcard? We offer turn-key services from design to print to mailing it out! By the way, most manufacturer co-op programs with quickly approve our services!

Machine ID Labels

We provide this service for a convenience to our clients. Everyone should be putting machine ID labels on their equipment. The truth is that many dealers aren’t doing it. They are busy and haven’t had a chance to update their old label. Or, they may have printed labels in house on “Avery Labels” that quickly got dirty or had the image rub off. Well, we simply want to help our dealer clients with a problem they are having while helping point clients and potential clients to their websites! We will change you just $ 50 for the design and setup of your labels. Then you can print it anywhere you’d like. We have found that a roll of 500 coated labels, professionally printed, costs just $ 100 or so.