Website Information or Content Needed

Additional Items Are Also Needed - please read below!

  • YOUR COMPANY LOGO: We need your company logo as a PNG file (with clear or transparent background) If you do not have this, please send us an EPS file. If you don’t know who has a good file at your company, typically, if you had business cards made, that person has a good file.
  • HOME PAGE SLIDES: Visit: and find an image or a few for your home page slide show. You’ll need a horizontal image.
    Please CLICK HERE to see some samples and to get more information on this. For example, It’s usually nice when your site opens to an image of the mountains and says . Select an “essentials image” & tell us the image #(s) so we can purchase the image(s) and make them work for your site!
  • PHOTOS: Any photos, videos or radio spots that you’d like us to add – please send us the files
  • MULTIPLE LOCATIONS? If you have multiple office locations that you’d like us to add to your site, please send us the information with the contact info for each! (Address, Phone, general email)
  • TESTIMONIALS: Please give us your customer’s testimonials so we can share them on your website. There is also a form for customers to leave a testimonial for you. (it won’t publish automatically)
  • SPONSORSHIPS: Do you sponsor a little league or a big league team? Let us know! We have a dealer who sponsors a local bass fishing team and another who sponsors a professional team.
  • AWARDS: Please let us know if you have won any awards – locally or through your manufacturer or in the industry.
  • EVENTS: Do you have any events coming up that you’d like to show off online? You may also add a “register for the event” form to your site!

Please send us this information to:

  • Please include the following with your email: Company Name, Website Address, Your Name, Your Phone Number & Email. Also, please include any special instructions.